About Us

A Journey Through Innovation

ADS was founded in 1984 by Mamdouh Assaad and Bob Fess who both had the vision of providing customers with quality automation machine designs.

Our current owner, Scott Costain, worked alongside ADS at an automation house in the Rochester area, partnering together for some of their mechanical design needs. Overtime, Scott saw how passionate and reliable ADS was and became part of the ADS team. In 2014, Scott received the opportunity to purchase ADS, which he could not pass up. We have celebrated 30 years in business and continue to grow and reach new heights, providing our customers with the machine design needs they deserve.



ADS is founded


Mamdouh Assaad retired


Scott Costain purchased ADS from Bob Fess


ADS celebrated 30 years in business


ADS Continues to grow

When ADS was founded, machine designs were drawn by hand with the assistance of a drafting machine. By the mid-eighties 2D Autocad and computers made their way into the industry and replaced drafting boards and drafting machines with select limitations. Today, the latest innovations make it so the engineers at ADS can use multiple components, programs and strategies to create a successful machine design for our customers.

Our Core Group

Scott Costain, PMP

Scott Costain, PMP


Lucien Giancursio

Lucien Giancursio


Alex Woolston

Alex Woolston


Career Opportunities

We are always on the lookout for individuals who are passionate about what they do and stay up-to-date on the latest technology.