Project Engineering

Project Engineers Find Solutions

At Assembly Design Services, our project engineers are responsible not only for designing equipment but also for coordinating with other designers. They are the liaisons between our customers and the rest of the team. These experts interface with our customers and ensure all needs are being met and upheld to the highest standards of quality.

A project engineer presents designs before the customer and analyzes all designs completed thus far, looking for any area of improvement. These professionals are problem solvers and are continuously striving to provide you with cutting-edge solutions. As tasks evolve, unforeseen details and questions undoubtedly arise. Project engineers invest fully into the process of working with our clients, striving to provide the best solutions as the assignment progresses. It is always at the heart of their mission to direct team members and customers alike to the most efficient and cost-effective solutions possible.

Our team places an emphasis on leadership and communication, always seeking to maintain an open dialogue with our clients. Each project is a relationship, and our staff fully invests in offering you the best care possible from start to finish.

Looking to the Future

At ADS, our project engineers are always looking for new ways to improve cost-effectiveness through technology implementation.

  • We help you understand existing technology for you to utilize towards problem-solving
  • We are constantly evolving to understand new technologies to implement for cost-saving solutions


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