Communication is key at ADS, which is why we are willing to meet about your project as many times as you need. Our consultation process is made convenient for you and your team by remaining flexible and reachable at all times. We help determine the direction of your project and look to address any questions as quickly as possible. A consultation is recommended for larger projects to understand the full scope of work. Discussing the process as a team can help save money and time in the long run. 

At ADS, we offer two main types of consultations: General, and In-Depth.

Consultation Process

  1. Contact us via form or phone
  2. Schedule consultation
  3. General Consultation: We help you with concept layout, project management, and procurement. 
  4. In-Depth Consultation: We help you create the actual design as well as provide design reviews, delivery, and debugging

General Consultation

In this type of consultation, we will go over all general aspects of the client’s project and determine if we are capable of taking on the job. If for whatever reason we are unable to do so, we provide our client with resources and contact information of vendors who are more suited to work with them. 

During general consultation, we also provide assistance in the project development phase, aiding in the layout of conceptual design so our clients can get an accurate quote. Our years of expertise and experience in automation aid our clients in developing a visual representation of what they are looking for. We are always able to guide our clients and provide them with the most helpful information possible, regardless of who they end up working with. 

In-Depth Consultation

This type of consultation provides a more in-depth opportunity for us to work closely with our clients. While this option tends to lend itself more toward large, mass production orders, we are still capable of offering this service to clients with smaller projects as well. 

In this consult, we aid our clients in the actual design of the project. We also provide pricing for the design, project development, and building. As before, if for any reason we cannot complete the project on our own, we will always provide our clients with resources and information of the best vendors to collaborate with. 

Gathering Information: What We Need From You

In order for our consultation process to be as seamless and efficient as possible, we try to ask important questions and gather all necessary information from our clients upfront. 

This can include:

  • Part prints
  • 3D models of parts (if the client has them)
  • Client’s intended budget
  • Is the client in need of a manual or automated process
  • Does the client currently have an automated process on the floor at this time?
    • If not, how do they intend to support it?

How Does ADS Save Customers Time and Money?

At ADS, our many years of experience provide us with the lens needed to offer the best, most well-rounded service to our clients. We continue to invest in modern technology, ensuring our clients’ solutions are effective and up to date. We will always aim to help our customers achieve their goals by developing the simplest, most robust machine to meet their varying needs. Our highly skilled team of engineers consistently produces cutting-edge solutions within our client’s budgets, without cutting corners. Our developed understanding of the industry paired with our passion for top-notch customer service aids us in maintaining our healthy client relationships, continuing to create unique solutions for each client we encounter.


Discover the range of services ADS has to offer your company whether you’re looking for automation design, high speed assembly, fixturing or anything in between.