Industries Served

Consumer Goods

Whether it is fully automating a system or simply assisting a human operator in streamlining a specific process, automation certainly has earned its place in consumer goods. ADS employs its expertise in the consumer goods sphere, having completed projects such as an automated garden hose winding machine, in which the process for winding and packaging garden hoses was automated. We worked with different tube lengths, developing solutions to successfully band and wind all hoses without any excess, regardless of length.

Similarly, we worked on a project to re-engineer and update a stainless steel fire extinguisher buffer. Traditionally conducted by an operator, fire extinguishers are now loaded into the buffing machine by robots, as well as removed, placed on a conveyor, and tested for leaks to uphold safety standards.

As the world continues to progress, we look forward to developing more creative solutions to meet today’s problems.


A large bulk of our projects at ADS involve the automotive industry. There is a high demand for a large number of parts and assembly line work responsible for producing a car. Our past work on such projects has included the production of steering columns, transmission clutches, electric steering, shock absorber assembly, and component assembly and testing. Automation in this sphere also largely includes the machines responsible for testing the safety and efficiency of each part before a vehicle is assembled.


The medical industry relies on automation for high volume needs and strict adherence to both safety and cleanliness measures. We have completed projects for the medical industry such as the component designed to assemble an oral swab. This automation was responsible for placing all of the components, such as a piece of cotton, in their right places to mass-produce oral swabs.

Industrial Industry

The industrial industry continues to rely on automation to bridge the gap between older structures and modern technology. Automation allows industrial companies to utilize structurally sound older mechanics in companion with newer control systems. This is implemented often in the case of motors and electronics. ADS has worked with Rockwell automation cells to complete such projects. Automation in this sphere continues to ensure safety and practicality are always paramount.

Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace and Defense automation requires top-level security, absolute precision, and detailed documentation. These types of jobs can take anywhere from eight weeks to six months due to their high-profile nature. These projects rely on perfect engineering precision to ensure there are no recalls or mistakes. ADS has completed this type of project for Blue Origin, developing a support lift for a rocket.


The world of electronic technology is constantly growing and developing. Automation aids this industry by accounting for the details such rapid growth relies on. ADS works in this industry developing projects such as rooftop antennas meant for vehicles to support cellular service. Material selection in this industry is very important because it must inhibit static electricity build-up. ADS continues to develop new opportunities to accommodate this rapidly changing industry.


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