Project: Refurbished Equipment for P&R Industries

The Problem

P&R Industries came to ADS looking for a solution to extend the lifespan of their customer’s existing, custom built manufacturing equipment unit. The equipment had been in use for several years. The machine needed to continue manufacturing the existing product for legacy purposes but also needed to run new products. These new products were more cost effective for the customer but required a shift in how the products were processed through the machine This shift in process required significant tooling changes to the machine.

The ADS Solution

The ADS design and engineering team worked to implement a design solution for an existing, custom equipment piece that was originally created by a different design team.

Instead of designing an expensive, new machine, ADS worked with the P&R Industries team to create a design to allow the equipment piece to continue to produce former product warranty parts and a variety of new products.

The Result

The ADS team collaborated with P&R Industries to increase the lifespan of their customers’ existing equipment so it could continue to produce their old product line warranty parts and manufacture multiple new products. With the ADS equipment design improvements, P&R Industries was able to retool a custom automated machine to save on cost while also increasing efficiency in the new product production process.