When Scott Costain purchased ADS in 2014 he had a vision to continue expanding the company. For Scott, that included moving to a space that would create a positive experience for both employees and customers. In January 2017, the ADS team moved to 125 Canal Landing Blvd. in Greece and rented office space from Cassara Management Group, Inc. in an effort to grow the company.

When the opportunity arose to purchase the building from Cassara Management this Fall, Scott and Joanne Costain could not pass it up. On September 1, the ADS team expanded into the entire space at 125 Canal Landing Blvd., gaining many more amenities including a reception area, grand conference room, kitchen and outside patio.

“We are very excited to have expanded into this new space,” Scott Costain, owner of ADS, said. “I think that this new space really exemplifies our professionalism in the field and our vision to keep growing.”

 The new space is something to be proud of and Scott hopes that it will contribute to employee morale and an increase in workplace energy as the team settles in to this new chapter.

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