The ADS team was hired by Marquardt Switches, Inc., a global manufacturing company who provides switches, sensors, and controls to some of the largest OEM’s in the world including Ford, GM, Mercedes Benz, John Deere, Caterpillar, Polaris and Whirlpool.

When Marquardt was looking to complete an antenna automation project, they became concerned about the timeliness of the task at hand. With an internal staff that already had a lot of priorities, the research and development team decided to reach out for assistance.

The project involved creating a mechanical fixture that would be designed and built to automate the rotation of a custom antenna. After sending a preliminary design, the Marquardt team met with ADS to discuss the project in more detail, paying attention to the budget, project restrictions, and the timeline. ADS provided a budget and schedule, that paired well with Marquardt’s needs.

ADS and Marquardt met at milestones throughout the process to review the design and adjust any necessary aspects. The project was delivered on time and Marquardt was pleased with the results.

“The jig works well and we are able to capture the data required to move our project forward,” said Steve McMahon, Electrical Engineering Research and Development Manager at Marquardt. “We were overall pleased with the jig and already have sent ADS another project that is a bit more complicated.”

The research data that is collected is expected help generates a new product that will keep Marquardt in the forefront of automotive sensor technology.

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